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Uterine Didelphys is a disorder present before birth in which a female develops two uteruses instead of one. In a typically developing female fetus, two ducts channels known as mullerian ducts, the early structure within an embryo that develop into a female's reproductive organs which began as two small tubes, join to create one larger organ, the uterus. If the tubes do not join completely, each tube may turn into a separate uterus. The result can be two uteruses. A patient with two uteruses may also have two cervixes openings to the vagina and two vaginas. The vagina is a closed canal that extends from the outside of the female genital area up to the cervix, the neck of the uterus.

Woman With 2 Vaginas (and Her Boyfriend) Talk About Their Sex Life

Woman explains life with two vaginas - as she's bombarded with questions - Wales Online

A student who was born with two vaginas has told how it means she has double periods - and could still get them while pregnant. Paige DeAngelo, 20, has uterine didelphys, meaning she was born with two fully-functioning reproductive systems - two uteruses, cervixes and vaginas. She has two periods, meaning she could be pregnant in one of her uteruses and wouldn't know about it until she had other symptoms - or could get pregnant in both at the same time. She had suffered with irregular periods - sometimes one every two weeks - for years, but she wasn't diagnosed until she visited a gynaecologist for the first time, aged

Uterine Didelphys

A woman in her 20s who has two vaginas and two uteruses and two cervixes revealed what it's like to live and have sex with a reproductive system, squared , in a viral Reddit AMA thread that recently made it to the front page. The woman, known as NurseryRN, wrote that she found out she had two vaginas when she was 16 and visited the gynecologist. The condition is so subtle she didn't know she had it just on her own.
As someone with uterus didelphys, a condition that can cause people to be born with double reproductive organs, Evelyn largely relied on her right vagina for pleasure. That side, she found, provided easier orgasms. And while she used her left vagina during her eight years as a sex worker to save the right for her personal life, "that was never enjoyable," said Evelyn, a year-old in Australia who uses a pseudonym to protect her safety. But recently, the new mom and OnlyFans creator is exploring the left hole as potentially pleasurable. Figuring out what she likes on that side "is sort of like being a virgin again," she told Insider.