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Rapid-fire channel flips propel viewers through Robot Chicken's twisted takes on pop culture. The quarter-hour Adult Swim entry brings action figures to life in three-dimensional worlds through the old-school magic of stop-motion animation. Robot Chicken takes Inside Out's Riley further insde and even more out; The Red Skull battles his ultimate nemesis loneliness; Rey gets more than she bargained for at the Skywalker homestead. The Gargoyles get as hard as stone, if you know what Robot Chicken means; Solid Snake must master the walk of shame; The Avengers learn to curb their enthusiasm. Robot Chicken asks if Totoro is overweight and doesn't like the answer; Jigsaw outgrows his tricycle; The Washington Generals destroy the entire world of basketball! The Robot Chicken writers think Disney is running out of classics to remake; Luke Skywalker is a little too comfy inside that Taunaun; Midsommars' big problem was it wasn't cute enough.

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You are not alone. Well, maybe a little bit. Yeah, definitely pretty much alone. Trying to keep up with reality. Delicious When Consumed. The language of the body in motion speaks all languages.

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Directed by Sean Solomon. From the album RTJ4. Dive into this animated music video for "Sedative" by Hollis, animated by Jamie Wolfe! This is your brain on Lightning Bolt!
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