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Internal documents, leaked to BBC News, reveal that OnlyFans allows moderators to give multiple warnings to accounts that post illegal content on its online platform before deciding to close them. Described as a "compliance manual", the documents also show that staff are asked to be more lenient towards successful accounts on the British content-sharing service. Moderation specialists and child protection experts say this shows OnlyFans - which is best known for hosting pornography - has some "tolerance" for accounts posting illegal content. OnlyFans says it goes far beyond "all relevant global safety standards and regulations" and does not tolerate breaches of its terms of service. On Thursday evening, Only Fans said it would ban sexually explicit content on the site from October. The announcement comes after BBC News approached the company for its response to the leaked documents, and concerns about its handling of accounts posting illegal content.

The Baroness Munchausen of sex

"Baroness Von Sketch Show" Sex and Things and Whispers (TV Episode ) - IMDb

A hospital should be a refuge — somewhere that ill and vulnerable people can stay in absolute safety, their only concern being to focus on getting better. But, sadly, I have come to learn these institutions can at times stray far from this ideal. For well over a year now, people working across the NHS have been writing to me to tell of their deep concerns about a tragic and, I believe, dangerous shift that has taken place inside our hospitals. The consequences of this change were foreseeable — but are no less horrifying. In my capacity as Chair of the parliamentary campaign group Children and Women First, I have been reading of the most appalling sexual behaviour alleged by whistleblowers to have taken place on hospital premises, including at least one case of rape.

Meet the baroness catching paedophiles red-handed

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Even with her permission, two fans of Janeane Garofalo are having problems taking the perfect selfie. A boss wants to have a top of the day talk with one of her employees about the goings-on Read all Even with her permission, two fans of Janeane Garofalo are having problems taking the perfect selfie.