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For those of us who have spent way too much time watching Friends , some things will always be a mystery. Was Gunther O. Did Janice really stay away from Monica and Chandler for the rest of their lives? And, most important, who actually played Ugly Naked Guy? Well, thanks to one obsessive writer, we can at least scratch that last one off the list.

Friends' Ugly Naked Guy has finally been identified

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Ugly Naked Guy is the nickname the friends gave the nudist who lives across the street from Monica and Rachel. According to Phoebe , he used to be cute before he became overweight in He was a bizarre hermit who obtained his nickname for being morbidly obese and highly unattractive, as well as carrying out household tasks in the nude, with the curtains open. He wasn't always called Ugly Naked Guy, though. Ugly Naked Guy lived in an apartment directly opposite and slightly below Rachel and Monica's apartment. Anyone in the girls' apartment could look directly into Ugly Naked Guy's apartment.

Huge Naked Guy

The character, who Phoebe once described as being cute before becoming overweight , was seen on screen on three occasions. Each time, his face was turned away, his identity never revealed even though he shared a very intimate scene with Ross. Finally, after years of keeping his identity secret, the Ugly Naked Guy from across the street has identified himself in public.
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