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They happily posed for the cameras together when picking up the prize, but behind the scenes the three were at loggerheads. The actresses were apparently unhappy with the director's methods. And now Kechiche has said that his prize winner should not even be released. Since then I've felt humiliated, dishonoured, living with a curse One thing is certain, ever since the Cannes premiere of Kechiche's loose adaptation of Julie Maroh's graphic novel about two young lovers, the actresses have been the most talked about couple in film.

Lesbians react to 'Blue Is the Warmest Color' sex scene

Lesbians react to 'Blue Is the Warmest Color' sex scene | harviestouncountryhotel.com

It also made Seydoux and Exarchopoulos the second and third women to ever receive the award after Jane Campion , who won for The Piano in Of course, we could never discuss this film without addressing the infamous sex scene, which clocks in at seven minutes. The scene, which took ten days to film, depicts the two leads going through a sequence of different sexual acts and positions, and led to a litany of think pieces both for and against the lengthy scene. With that in mind, take these next seven minutes to watch the scene for yourself and come up with your own theories.

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No, this is not a reference to the much-debated, graphic seven-minute sex scene between the two lead actresses both outstanding in the movie. Because the performances here, particularly that of Adele Exarchopoulos as a teenager growing into a young woman, cannot be underestimated. Whatever the case, whatever the methods the actresses have complained publicly about the brutal way in which Kechiche filmed the movie, and he has fired back , the honesty of the acting is amazing.
I understand it. We had to show how making love to someone is visceral. We had to convey how much of yourself you give over.