Breast sex positions

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Your boobs are a major erogenous zone—don't leave them out of the action. The best sex positions involve as many erogenous zones as possible. Yet most popular moves neglect the one erogenous zone that when stimulated the right way can turn good sex into OMG don't-stop action: your breasts. Not only are your breasts and nipples super receptive to touch, they're also an intimate part of your anatomy. Having your partner focus on them can make you feel more connected—and lead to a deeper orgasm as well, says Laurie Mintz , PhD, author of Becoming Cliterate.

7 Amazing Sex Positions That Will Stimulate Your Breasts Like CRAAZY

The 8 Best Sex Positions For Nipple Play (You're Welcome)

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The 8 Best Positions For Breast Stimulation

There is no woman who would not love additional breast kissing in the process of sex; breast is a very sensual zone and if you stimulate it correctly, you will make great pleasure to your female partner, covering her body from top to toes. It will not affect the depth of penetration or comfort of the couple, you will be able to have sex, look at your female partner, kiss her breast, see the way she coils with all her body and reacts on your sensitive actions. Sex positions for: breast kissing.
It is not important in what position you are, on top, bottom or on side, if your hands are free, they should not be inactive. Sex positions for: breasts touching. Licking master More details ».