Camping sex tips

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Things feel fresh and sexy as you discover each other in a new space. Take, for instance, having sex while camping. In the great outdoors, your animalistic instincts come out, reignited by the thought of having each other out there in the wilderness. Whether in a tent or outside, there are a few things to consider before having sex while camping. Being covered in flies is not exactly a turn on.

9 Ways To Make Camping Sex Infinitely Hotter

8 Camping Sex Tips for People Who Want to Get It on in the Great Outdoors

This guide to camping sex is brought to you by our friends at IceMule, whose insulated backpack cooler is perfect for carrying your food and libations to your camping love nest. Have you ever been hiking or backpacking when you reach a particularly scenic spot and you suddenly get thirsty? Think about it: wind tickling the hair on your neck, blood pumping, skin glistening, muscles rippling, heavy panting— okay you get it. Doing the deed in your tent is the simplest way to achieve privacy and avoid bug bites in inconvenient locations. However, there are things to consider. A challenge for most tents is keeping them dry and condensation free.

11 Ways To Make Sex In A Tent So Much More Comfortable

Camping can be super romantic what with all the nature, snuggling up in your tent by the fire, and looking up at the stars. But a camping trip, especially the first one together, is a big-ass relationship milestone. Can it withstand constant togetherness amid withdrawal from Wi-Fi, decent coffee, and comfort in general? If you're willing to put your relationship to that kind of test, these are the positions that'll make it worth the trek. Even though you can't see the other campers from your tent, they sure as hell can see you.
Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Once I made it through the obligatory family camping trips of my youth, I expected to never step foot into a tent again. The great outdoors isn't really my thing. But that vow lasted only a few years, because soon after I finished college, a woman I was sleeping with asked me to go camping with her.