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For decades, its tiny one-story residences housed migrants who worked the nearby sugar fields. Today, they house migrants of a different sort. Most of its residents are convicted sex offenders. Sofia Valiente, a year-old photographer and a resident of Florida since she was 10, began visiting the community in January , spending a total of three months there and even living in the residential complex for several weeks. There are almost , federally registered sex offenders in the U. That registry originated in the s when Congress passed legislation that severely targeted those who commit violent crimes and crimes against children.

Life Inside a Community of Sex Offenders

Community Sex Offender Groupwork Programme | Lucy Faithfull Foundation

Miracle Village is the nickname of a community on Muck City Road, about three miles east of Pahokee, Florida , that serves as a haven for registered sex offenders. In , the name was officially changed to City of Refuge, but it is still generally referred to as Miracle Village. The site was chosen because of its isolation; given that, the sex offender residence restrictions do not apply. The complex of 54 duplexes and six family homes [5] is operated by Matthew 25 Ministries, an organization with the stated goal of providing prison aftercare. The name is a reference is to the passage Matthew in the Bible which says: "I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me In Pahokee an affiliated organization, Miracle Village Ministries, provides services, including transportation, to newly released prisoners. It describes itself on its Web site as "a faith-based prison aftercare ministry".

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CSOGP is a nationally accredited programme based upon research into what works to prevent sexual re-offending. It is run by the National Probation Service. As this is a lengthy and challenging programme, the Order or licence must last for at least three years. The programme is suitable for men aged 21 and over who have committed contact or non-contact sex offences against children or adult victims of either gender.
Gay neighbourhoods have historically served as vital places for gay socialising, and gay social networks are important sources of social support. Yet, few studies have examined the influence of these forms of community on sexual health. Informed by theoretical frameworks on neighbourhoods and networks, we employ multi-level modelling to test hypotheses concerning whether gay neighbourhoods and social network factors are associated with five sexual risk behaviours: receptive and insertive unprotected anal intercourse UAI , barebacking identity, recent internet use for finding sexual partners, and 'Party and Play' PnP.