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My parents divorced when I was ten and went back and forth spending time with my father and my mother. I loved my daddy and I had a little crush on him as many girls probably do. On this particular night I had fixed daddy his favorite dinner and was setting the table. I was leaning forward to put his plate down in front of him and the blouse I was wearing fell away from my chest and gave him an eyefull. I tried not to make a fuss about it and just went on serving the food.

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 6th of January Report. Mom told me that almost every time.

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James was a carpenter and a damn good one. He had been the shop foreman in a custom door and cabinet factory for seventeen years. Then came the housing crash of He watched his seniority, benefits, and retirement all go down the drain along with the economy. He was still bitter about the factory closing and because of his resentment he had struggled to keep work in the years since.
Ages have been changed due to site rules and, well just because. Backstory sort of : My Mom, who worked a part time job, a full time job and went to school for cosmetology, met who would become my step dad 2 weeks before they got married, through her brother, my uncle. Ok so IMO, the only reason my step dad married my mom in the first place was so he could have young pussy….