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Donna is known for her regular appearance on Black Ink Crew. Viewers are starting to wonder what her real name is, and if she has a twin…. The VH1 reality series shows us the real ins and outs of working in a tattoo shop, which is often paid visits from hip-hop stars and celebrity clients. Donna is one of several stars who get involved in the daily operations and staff drama at the store, in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. So, who is Donna?

Who is Donna on Black Ink Crew? Real name and twin revealed!

'Black Ink Crew': Donna Apologizes to Young Bae for Leaving an Offensive Instagram Comment

But in cases like Puma's, Ceasar was able to bury the hatchet and rekindle both their friendship and business dealings. Donna , on the other hand, may not be so lucky. She has already been open with Ceaser about her status as a tattoo artist, but she wants to maintain her connection to the crew while doing her own thing. While there is no love lost between her and Ceaser, her employment status and friendship with an exiled member of the crew have the potential to ruin her business relationship with Ceaser altogether. Does Donna still work for Black Ink Crew?

‘Black Ink Crew’: Donna Apologizes to Young Bae for Leaving an Offensive Instagram Comment

Many fans also took offense and claimed they wanted Donna fired as a result. A couple of weeks later, the tattoo artist acknowledged the situation and apologized to her friend and the viewers for the offensive remark. He eventually agreed, and she became a tattoo artist in the shop. Nonetheless, Donna has stayed around and seemingly become a permanent fixture of Black Ink. During the ninth season, Ceaser invited his crew to tattoo in his Atlanta-based shop as coronavirus COVID pandemic protocols prevented them from working in New York.
Throughout her time on Black Ink Crew , Donna Lombardi has seemingly shown up to a couple of events without being invited. She has also had several fights with numerous people. However, Donna ended up falling for a guy named Maxwell, who proposed to her shortly before having to serve time in prison. After she married him while behind bars, Donna found out, he cheated on her with his ex, causing her to divorce him.