Kamihime project soul points

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Kamihime Project R Guide

Kamihime:What Soul To Get?

Help Remember Me? Kamihime Project. If you play Kamihime Project long enough, you'll most likely unlock every soul to the point you start piling up Soul P to the point of no use, but starting off you may find yourself having trouble deciding which soul to pick. There are many variables to factor in when prioritizing which to get early on, this page is here to help you decide. To start off, before we get to deciding, you need to understand what a soul is. A soul is a special unit in your party, used in battle the same way as a kamihime but they have a few special key features that make them different.

Souls/S Class Info

Lancelot - the first Soul available to the players. Souls act as the leaders of your team of Kamihime , and through their abilities and passives dictate the nature of the team's performance. Souls have five ability types:. When planning Soul advancement, other Souls that are not required for advancement to your intended endgame Soul may still be worth acquiring, as their Master Bonus and Extra Ability will still be usable by your endgame Soul.
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