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Hisao and Emi continue their morning runs, growing closer each day. As the days go on, he notices she seems like a different person when she runs. At lunch she shows her goofiness, but on the track she shows her stubborn persistence. This comes to a head at her track meet. As he's struck by how beautiful she is, he realizes he is falling in love with her. The next day, on a rest from training, Emi takes Rin and Hisao on a picnic.

Emi Ibarazaki

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Maybe when I notice that this page gets a generous amount of views? And here it is — my Katawa Shoujo walkthrough. They are simply choices I took to achieve each given route. Though I only have a few so far.
An avid runner, Emi views her lack of legs with reckless abandon, exploiting her condition to its fullest in order to be the best of the best at track. As comes with such determination, Emi is exceptionally stubborn, often pushing herself not to mention Hisao Nakai too hard, resulting in more than the occasional trip to the Nurse , with whom she remains on good terms. Emi has a happy-go-lucky personality despite having no legs. She is highly energetic, which can occasionally cause her injury when running, much to the nurse's dismay. She is playful and willing to try new things, which can sometimes lead to humorous situations.