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Sex IRL: 12 parents get brutally honest about how having kids affects their sex life

Eight sex secrets every new parent should know: parents’ tips - BabyCentre UK

Sex professionals no, not that kind share their best advice for getting in sync again. I was asleep by the time he came back. Long-term relationships ask us to continue feeling that sexy charge—forever—even as we look to the same person for protection safety, financial security, child-rearing assistance, household co-management, and more. Losing your sense of intimacy can make that difficult or intolerable. We asked four leading sex and couples therapists to share the most common issues they see parents struggle with and what can be done about them. While each of these experts has different advice, all agree that the biggest mistake a couple can make when it comes to communicating about sex is not to communicate at all.

Eight sex secrets every new parent should know: parents’ tips

Remember your weekends pre-kids, when you rolled around in the sheets before brunch? Remember brunch? You can get your sex life back.
Your kid just walked in on you. Rebecca Eckler February 13, A shiver still goes up my spine when I think of the night, 31 years ago, that I heard my parents doing it.