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At RWAF, we advise that all rabbits should be neutered to prevent unwanted litters and unwanted sexual behaviour, such as mounting and spraying. However, even after neutering, many male rabbits will still mount their companions and many female rabbits will continue to dig large holes some males also. Sex-specific behaviours include scent-marking behaviours, such as spraying urine on other rabbits, people, or objects and leaving dry faecal pellets around their enclosure to mark territory. They also include courtship behaviours, such as circling around people or rabbits and making a humming sound.

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Keywords: buck , doe , kit , lactation , ovulation , puberty , uterine adenocarcinoma. Even in the neutered pet, rabbits draw very little distinction between sexual behavior and social behavior Harriman Normal actions like territoriality , attention-seeking behaviors like honking and circling, and nesting behavior such as digging and chewing, are all intimately tied to the instinctive drive to reproduce. If you are reading this article as part of the Basic Rabbit Care Teaching Module , please go to the sections on male rabbits , female rabbits , newborn rabbit , and rabbit milk. Then take the brief quiz to test your knowledge. The prolific nature of the rabbit has linked them with fertility and the cycle of life and death since ancient times.

What causes sex-specific behaviours in rabbits?

The year is , and rabbit vibrators make their grand entrance to mainstream media in season one of Sex and the City. Charlotte is just as bewildered as she is delighted. Unlike wand or bullet vibrators , rabbit ears can stimulate both the G-spot within the vaginal canal as well as the clitoris. And for many women, combining both internal and external stimulation is the key to achieving a toe-curling blended orgasm. How, exactly?
A rabbit vibrator also known as a Jack Rabbit vibrator or Jessica Rabbit vibrator [1] is a vibrating sex toy , usually made in the shape of a phallic shaft for vaginal stimulation with a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft. The name of the device is derived from the fact that the clitoral stimulator looks like a pair of rabbit ears. The first rabbit vibrator appeared on the market in and, along with the magic wand vibrator , is considered by Cosmopolitan magazine to be one of the classic sex toys. The rabbit was chosen for the show because it was a bestseller at a store in New York. Rabbit vibrators are designed to give more intense sensations than the more traditional dildo or clitoral stimulator, by providing simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation.