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Worried about STIs or other sexual health problems? You can request a confidential free home testing kit. Coronavirus - To check on current service provision please call Talk to us via online, social or our free, confidential helpline. Rise Above is where you will find interesting and useful stuff from the web and beyond to get us all talking about the things that matter to us.

10 Best Sex Dating Sites (100% Free)

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Error: This is required. Error: Not a valid value. Safe sex includes using a condom or dental dam to ensure that you do not pass an infection on to your partner. The best way of protecting yourself against STIs is to have fewer sexual partners. A dental dam, which is a thin piece of latex, can also be used during oral sex to prevent the spread of infection. It can be placed over the genitals or anus back passage before giving oral sex. It creates a barrier that prevents bodily fluids being passed between people and reduces your risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection.

Sexuality and Safe Sex Information Sites

With so much opinion-based content online, it's hard to identify reliable sources. A simple Google search doesn't filter out the myths and misleading information, so how can we determine which articles to trust? For teens seeking answers to health-related questions, the sea of inaccurate, biased, or outright untrue information can complicate a personal, often private investigation. As adults, we all know what it's like to struggle with body image and healthy relationships in our formative years.
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