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Elsagate is a neologism referring to the controversy surrounding videos on YouTube and YouTube Kids that are categorized as " child-friendly ", but which contain themes that are inappropriate for children. Most videos under this classification are notable for presenting content such as graphic violence , sexual situations , fetishes , obscene language , drugs , alcohol , injections , toilet humor and dangerous or upsetting situations and activities. These videos often feature popular characters from family-oriented media, sometimes via crossovers , used without legal permission. The term itself is composed of " Elsa " a character from the Disney animated film Frozen , who is frequently depicted in such videos and "-gate" a suffix for scandals. Most videos in this category are either live action films or crude 2D animations , although a few channels have been using more elaborate techniques such as clay animation , or 3D animation. Despite the objectionable and often confusing nature of these videos, many attract millions of views.

Spiderman Frozen Elsa in real life videos

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Spider-Man and Elsa Videos are videos on YouTube featuring people dressed as the Marvel superhero Spider-Man and the Frozen protagonist Elsa, who are often filmed engaging in various bizarre acts. The videos have gained much notoriety on YouTube, garnering considerable amounts of views, and with some speculating they are being aimed at younger audiences using manipulation of YouTube algorithms and bots to generate video views. Within three years, the video gathered more than 36 million views and 7, comments. On December 25th, the Toy Monster channel posted a video featuring a man wearing a Spider-Man costume and a woman wearing an Elsa costume shown below, left.

Spider-Man and Elsa Videos

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In my mind, after Wonder Woman, the next great superheroine who very well could have influenced our early pantyhose fetish has to be the awesome video game character, Chun-Li. Introduced in the original Street Fighter II video game in 1991, Chun-Li is an undercover Interpol agent seeking to avenge the death of her father at the hands of Bison and his criminal organization. Chun-Li wearing brown pantyhose in the Street Fighter video games became an iconic character figure in the 1990s. Chun-Li, the first well-known female playable character in a fighting game, was designed with muscular legs because of her strong martial arts kicking skills, necessary to hold her own in combat against the standard roster of powerful male characters. The first well-known female playable character in a fighting video game, Chun-Li has all the right moves.