Walmart topless women

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According to dispatch, the caller said a partially naked woman was allegedly vandalizing Walmart property, throwing items at employees and defecating on herself. While officers were en route to the Walmart, they received a call that the suspect, identified as Nashea Brown, 35, was reportedly attempting to get an ax out of its packaging. When officers arrived on the scene they found Brown in an aisle in the sporting goods section. According to police, Brown had the ax in her hand and a knife tucked into her bra. Police said they gave Brown orders to drop the ax but she reportedly did not comply and refused to drop the weapon.

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Woman Arrested In Shelby For Getting Naked In Walmart

A Tennessee woman was arrested Tuesday after she was found partially naked and using an ax inside a Walmart , authorities said. Officers in Knoxville responded to the giant retailer after a caller said a naked woman was throwing items at employees and defecated on herself, according to a police report. Nashea Brown, 35, was found in the sporting goods section with an ax and a knife tucked into her bra, police said. The officers ordered her to drop the ax but she allegedly refused to comply. Nashea Brown, 35, allegedly had an ax and knife when confronted by officers inside a Walmart. Knox County Sheriff's Office. One officer attempted to use a Taser but it was ineffective.

Woman Arrested In Shelby For Getting Naked In Walmart

Donovan Davis did not film the video we will show you below, but he said he was in the store when it all went down before the cameras started rolling. He said that while he was shopping, he heard screams coming from the front of the store and people started running towards the front. When he got to the front, Davis said he witnessed the woman inside Wood Forest National Bank with papers all over the floor as she continued yelling to the top of her lungs. The post said that the unidentified woman in the video had planned this whole thing out. The post continues and says that the woman contacted Greenville Police Department and told them what she was about to do and that if she had a gun, she and three other families would have gotten hurt.
Police say a woman was restrained in a Bryan Walmart store late Saturday night for her own safety. Authorities were dispatched to the Walmart on Briarcrest shortly after 10 p. Saturday for a disorderly conduct call. Police say when they arrived, a crowd had gathered around a woman who was naked and running through the aisles of the store.