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Note: The videos in this entry are very loud and it's reccomended to lower your audio while watching. Oh Yeah, Mr. Krabs is a short video clip of a young boy filming himself playing with a Spongebob toy set in which he yells into the mic. On May 4th, , YouTuber messinwithbigfoot published the video "Multimedia message mr krabs. The video got popularity on YTMND as a fad where one would photoshop his head would into some situations and the sound clip be added into the situation.

OH YEAH MR KRABS! (Original video)

oh yeah mr krabs

NKassad is the youtuber famous for reuploading messinwithbigfoot' s Oh yeah Mr. Krab's video on youtube. The reupload has gotten over 9 million views and is now an official Spongebob meme. NKassad saw the opportunity to reupload the original video and rename it "oh yeah mr krabs the original ", thus allowing HIS video, and not the real original video, to get all the traffic. NKassad then took it a few steps further and titled his channel "the creator of the oh yeah mr krabs video" and then tried to start a series.

Oh Yeah Mr. Krabs

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